R.I.P. Scarlett Johansson

Rest In Piece, Scarlett Johansson.

Johansson has thrown away a long-lasting, rarely credible career in
Hollywood as she started at the age of 9 and appeared in acclaimed indie
films such as Lost in Translation, A Love Song for Bobby Long, The Girl
With A Pearl Earring and Match Point, all of which she was Golden Globe
nominated for. She did two more films with acclaimed writer/director/actor
Woody Allen in Scoop and Vicki Christina Barcelona. She also appeared in
movies that I personally thought were good like The Prestige, The Black
Dahlia, Ghost World, The Horse Whisperer and even The Spirit was interesting.
And now she’s thrown it all away and become like those other d-list (at
best) ‘actresses’ like Vanessa Hudgens and Blake Lively who claim they
were ‘hacked’ and their photo’s released on the internet. Which is a shame
for many reasons and a joke for others. One, every person in Hollywood
knows from the Paris Hilton sextape ordeal that if you don’t want that
kind of thing to show up on the internet not to shoot it to begin with.
Secondly, it’s clear from the photos that no one shot those photos but
her and that the only way those get out is if she released them herself.
She will naturally play the victim as all these women/girls do, but she’s
SJ (as I call her because her name is freaking long and almost everyone
misspells it anyway) started throwing away that highly credible career a
few years ago with the very commercial bomb The Island. Appearing on red
carpets in boob-busting dresses and even having her boob grabbed as a
publicity stunt by a fashion designer in her infamous Red Golden Globe
dress. She then went on to abandon credible indie movies and did nothing
but films that were designed to make her more famous and possibly more money
and getting herself linked to famous men in Hollywood as possible
date-bait even though she denied almost all of them.
Then came the faker than fake ‘marriage’ she had to actor Ryan Reynolds
which in my opinion backfired on her as she gained not a drop of extra
fame from it or even movie rolls while he shot to super stardom as he’s now
a ‘sexiest man alive’ and just did another publicity stunt latching on to
Oscar winner Sandra Bullock, supposedly knocking her up. Then they had their
convieniently timed ‘divorce’. Which if you pay attention to patterns at all,
then you notice that these ‘relationships’ have a shelf life of about 2 years,
which is exactly how long their ‘marriage’ lasted.
All these attempts to gain publicity while trying to kling to her
credible career by trying to stay out of the public eye and keeping her
‘relationships’ nearly invisible all seem to have backfired as she is not
really that much more famous now than she was when she did The Island.
Johansson, in all her sexiness, was a permanant fixture in the top 15 of
every top 100 hottest chick or sexiest woman poll in the world largly because
she paraded her large boobs around in photo shoots and films.
Other than that she’s basically scored a Tony award for doing a weak
performance in a Broadway play.
It’s a sad day for me because she was my favorite actress and I had
tolerated the publicity stuff because she still had my heart from those
heart-wrenching performances from her late teen years, but this is where
I draw the line.
She was my favorite actress because she was a great actor, not because
she was a publicity whore. She built up this sex symbol image and most
of her new ‘fans’ were only fans because they wanted to see her tits and
now they have. Which is why I say RIP Scarlett Johansson. She
obviously didn’t die, but her career did. Now she’s irrelevent. She has
been in the business for some 17, 18 years having built that credible career,
having spent most of her time dodging cameras to not be a publicity whore and
now she is. And she did it for nothing. She did not even get paid for it
like Hallie Berry did having gotten 500k to flash her tits in Monsters Ball
and Swordfish. Which Berry actually won an Oscar for Monster’s Ball.
SJ could have worked the same mojo and done some little indie film taking
a gross percentage on the backend and the movie would have easily made
100 million globally and she probably would have won her Oscar for doing
it too all because those later fans who wanted to see her tits would have gone
to see the movie just for that. Now because those fans got what they wanted
and with her basically alienating her credibility fan base from the past, no
one will go to see her movies, no one will buy stuff she is pimping out for
endorsements so those are going to go away now all because she does not have
any fans anymore because of these photos.
Looking back on the past 30 years or so of the Best Actress Oscar I
think only two of them have not done nudity and that would be Julia Roberts
and Natalie Portman.
I didn’t want to have my little blog here to have anything to do with
Hollywood. I am tired of the fakeness of it all. None of the ‘people’ in
it are real. None of the things they do are real. They claim to care about
humanity pimping little charities to make you think they care, when they do
not. The whole thing is just fake and garbage and I am done with it all.
Fake movies, fake television shows telling me I am not good enough for this
reason or that reason. Fake music pretending to hate Hollywood and all the
systems and all of that playing up to your sense of rebeliousness. Fake
sports which I know are rigged after watching a week or two’s worth of games.
Ha, and you wonder why Politicians and Hollywood mix so well. It is all on
the boob tube and it is all a scripted lie and I am done with it.
I wanted to have a blog where I talked about real issues like the abortion
debate, but I suppose there is a real issue to be talked about with this
and that’s the message Hollywood sends to Women and especially girls.
That message being the only way you’re going to get attention is if you
act and dress like a whore. The only thing you see from chicks in
Hollywood and in music is them flashing their tits and hoo-hah’s with all
these girls wearing barely anything (every chick like SJ who posted nude
pics or a sex tape), getting drunk and dui’d (Lindsay Lohan and a slew of
others) and being junkies like an Amy Whinehouse or even those dumbasses
doing that Girls Gone Wild crap, throwing away any ounce of self-respect in
the future because it is all PERMANANT. You cannot erase what you have done
on camera, it is there forever. Now, girls, what do you think is going to
happen to those Girls Gone Wild chicks when they go to get a job and
somewhere down the line their bosses find out that they whore’d it up in one
of those videos? Nah, they probably won’t get fired. Their bosses will
probably make them whore themselves to the executives if they want a
promotion. What if one of them wanted to be a teacher or something like that?
Ha, if parents found out their childs teacher was a skank in a soft-core
porn video what do you think would happen? Good bye job and teaching license.
Your $100k education and student loans just went out the window and guess
what industry they are going to get stuck doing? Stripping. Porn.
Prostitution, take your pick.
You never see any women out there being praised for being successful for
something other than that. Hell not even Oprah is praised for having
gotten herself off the streets and making an empire out of herself. She
is seen as some power-hungry bitch type of character because there is only
two types of females in this world. You are either that power hungry evil
bitch or you are a whore. You don’t see women or girls being praised for
doing great things with themselves, like making a difference in peoples
lives or in their communities which most real women do these days. You do
not see any girls being praised for graduating college with their hard earned
degree having made the Dean’s List without bending over a desk and fucking
their professors. Hell not even kick-ass women in our military are praised
for their sacrifice to serve our country, unless they present themselves as
sluts. Olympians, the same way. You busted your ass most of your life to
have your dream of making it to the Olympics in your event only to turn around
and do Playboy or some naked calender when you come back.
Realize, I am not saying that all chicks should be nuns or even fully
covered up like our fellow human beings the Islamic religion believes. What
I am saying is unplug. After a while of seeing nothing but skanks on
television and movies and music and even sports it gets old. Naturally, being
the straight guy that I am I enjoy a good naked chick and all, so long is that
naked chick is only sharing that sexy nakedness with me. I do not want some
kind of girl who has her junk passed around all over the internet for the
world to see like she is a turkey at thanksgiving.
I like real women. You can find out what a real woman is suppose to be in
the final chapter of Proverbs in the Bible. You will actually be surprised
because that kind of woman is no housewife. These women have virtue. They
have character. They have integrity, intelligence, strength as much as a man
does and not necessarily physical strength, but emotional strength, mental
strength, spiritual strength and so on. You get a glimpse of these kinds of
women when you take a look at our military. You see women and girls who are
just as eager and brave and prepared to find and defend and die for our
country or any country that they live in. Women like these are actually
equals to men and not sidekicks or entertainment for their penises. We were
built as companions for each other, yin and yang. Equal in nearly every sense
except in how we handle things. Men are macromanagers (we see the big
picture) and women are micromanagers (they see the small picture). Both have
their strengths and weaknesses individually, but together make a great and
power force to be reckoned with in this universe.
The message being sent to our sisters, girls especially, is prostitue
yourself for this or that reason. Do a sex tape or post naked or even
nearly naked photo’s of yourself on the internet and you’ll get all the
attention. Or the only thing you are going to accomplish or achieve in
life is to be some rich guys housewhore so skank yourself up to try and
get the attention of these types of guys because that is what all men like.
I laugh at that because it is not. Take a look at your high school yearbook
and see who the skanks were in high school. I will bet you money they are
all alone, probably having been knocked up with some dudes kid, crying about
men sucking and being pigs and this and that while still going clubbing on
the weekends and partying trying to find themselves a new wallet to latch
themselves on to. Verse It’s sad that this is what has become of our women
and what will become of our girls.
I guess that is a feminism fail.
So Woman’s out there if you are this kind of a woman I have a mission for
you if you have the chesticles to accept it. Go home, or if you are
already home, grab your man, throw him on the floor, and fuck the shit out
of him. HANDLE YO BUSINESS! Nowhere in the Bible does it say you can not
lust for your husband. It says wait until you have a husband and then
unless that beast on his highny! When you are done grab him by the shirt
and say “That is my dick, Mister! Remember that!” Haha.
That is, of course, if you are real woman enough to handle that.
So I say RIP Scarlett Johansson because she started out doing it right
but sold herself out and tried to be famous and make a ball-load of money
and threw it all away with these tit picks. All of those people who only
became fans of her because of her tits got what they wanted and those fans
like myself who wanted to see her get her Oscar the right way have already
left. She’ll probably do another couple of movies, which will bomb and
then she’ll resort to doing the full on nudity roll trying to
resusitate a dead career, but it will all be for nothing because we’ve
already seen her goodies.
Congrats, SJ, welcome to irrelivence. Hope it was worth it.

– Kharma